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Galazy Infinity is a vertical shooter focused on 3 objectives, action, infinite levels and competition against other players around the world.

Intuitive control, you will be able to move with total freedom by all the screen to finish with your enemies.
3 different shots with 6 evolution levels each. It will be a pleasure to destroy your enemies with them.

Infinite Levels Galazy
Infinity has been designed so that each game is unique and different, with an algorithm that allows each time you play you will not know where the enemies will come and which will increase the difficulty with the development of the game , As well as stronger new enemies.

Galazy Infinity brings an online ranking with which you can challenge with your friends and with the whole galaxy. Eliminate your enemies to increase the multiplier and get points and get as many stars as you can to score even more points.

The sound of Galazy Infinity has been specially designed for headphones, since it has immersive and immersive sound.

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